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Insurance Raters is your source for online insurance premiums and rates for all insurance shoppers that would like to compare their insurance coverages. Our site offers detailed information on average premiums and expenditures with insurance rates per state and city. You can also find insurance rating information and resources on why rates are decreasing or on the rise. Many online "insurance" shoppers are finding the internet to be a valuable tool when comparing insurance quotes. provides multiple avenues to help consumers discover new insurance information, rates, and average premiums to help improve their insurance buying decision.

Your Comparitive Rates Advantage

You can now find comparitive raters, rate analysis per company and per state premiums, plus rate comparisions per state for autoowners, homeowners, and health Insurance premiums and averages. Many years ago a local insurance agent was the one you trusted for coverage and premium advice, but with online insurance rates available today, it is easy to get the information and resources you need to become a better consumer. Insurance rates do vary and keeping up with them online is the easiest way. All rates from individual states are different when comparing your home and auto insurance coverages so make sure you compare your desired coverges against multiple insurance companies so you can find the best rate.